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Welcome to St Mary & St Luke, the parish church of Shareshill, Featherstone, Brinsford, Laney Green, Saredon and Hilton.

We are a benefice with St John's Essington. Click here to visit their site.

Our History

There is a lot more history..... It just needs someone to write it!

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There was a church in Shareshill by 1213. The base of the current tower beleived to date from the 14th century

Humphrey Swynnerton of Hilton and Swynnerton rebuilt the church.

The upper stages of the tower date from the 16th century and may be part of his work.

Rebuilt again...

A parish school was presnt in the village by this date

1533 The first record of a curate in Shareshill was Thomas Corbett, who paid tax of 5s. 4d.
1548 An unnamed priest had a salary of £5 6s. and some glebe land and was ordered to go on serving the church at his old salary.
1553 Edward Hyll
1573 John Creswall was appointed “Curate” on 25th June
1584 John Creswall was appointed “Curate” a second time on 22nd Jan 1584
1605 Thomas Griffen was appointed “Curate” on 22nd July 1605
1621 Roberte Pettipher Appointed “Vicar” on 8th feb 1621 .
1642 Ralph Strettell minister appointed 14th April 1642 when an order was issued by the Committee for Plundered Ministers that he and the parishioners should pay all arrears of salary due to his predecessor.
1651-2 Richard Embrey, B.A. (Cambridge Alumni - St Johns)
1652 Ralph Strettell. On 18th August 1652 the Committee ordered that his salary should be made up to £100 p.a. from the tithes of Hilton and Featherstone, which had recently belonged to Wolverhampton Cathedral and sequestered from Sir Edward Littleton and Thomas Leveson. On 25th October, Strettell asked for payment and on 25th June 1655, the trustees confirmed this order, which had been disregarded. On 27th February 1656 he once more complained and said he was deprived of all means. Leveson's tithes were then restored to him and the residue to £60 was granted by the Committee for Plundered Ministers to others.
1666-1700 John Morrall, ordained Deacon 26th July 1663,According to CCEd was appointed 'Reader' at Shareshill on 22 Oct 1669, Was ordained on 22 sept 1667 at Lichfield.
1731-1745 William. Budworth, headmaster at Brewood School and held the living in Brewood and Shareshill. He had a good reputation as schoolmaster at Brewood and died in 1748.
From CCEd) Appointed “Schoolmaster” at Brewood 29 June 1733. Appointed Vicar at Brewood 19 Dec 1737 until 1745.
( Alumni of Christ's Cambridge )
?-1762 Roger Bromley is recorded to have been minister at Shareshill and died in 1762 (From CCEd) Ordained as a Priest 22 Sept 1739 at Eccleshall. Appointed “Curate” at Brewood 24 Sept 1739 . Appointed “Schoolmaster” at Brewood 12 Oct 1748.
1762-69 Thomas Feilde was appointed “Perpetual Curate” at Sharesill and “Schoolmaster” at Brewood on 12th April 1762.
1769 Timothy Colebatch was appointed “Perpetual Curate” on 21 Oct and “Schoolmaster” at Brewood on 12 Sep.
1779 John Pickering was appointed “Perpetual Curate” on 6th February 1779.
1780-91 Dr. George Croft. Appointed “Perpetual Curate” 7 Dec 1780. Schoolmaster at Brewood on 2 Dec 1780.
1792-1810 Hamlett Harrison. He was dismissed in 1810. It was found he neglected the school in favour of farming; he acquired school land irregularly and punished the boys with undue severity.
CCEd states he was appointed perpetual Curate on 22/jan/1793 until 16/feb/1811
1811-22 John Hayes Petit, who lived at Hilton Hall. Very little is known about the Reverend Petit and there
is no memorial inside the church, but the Staffordshire Directory for 1818 records him as being a principal land-owner in Shareshill.
(alumni of Queens College Cambridge) He died 26-July-1822.
1819 John Walker was appointed 鉄tipendiary Curate・on 11th Feb 1819.
1822-1824 John Peglar. Appointed Perpetual Curate・on 22nd Oct 1822.
1825-59 George Boodle Clare (d.1859). appointed “Perpetual Curate” on 25th Jan 1825. Served for 34 years in the parish. Also vicar of St. George's Wolverhampton.
He first lived at Saredon and then at The Elms, Shareshill, until the vicarage was built in 1845.
Born c1800, ordained in 1924 from Oxford Uni. Married in 1819, aged just 19.
Appointed “Curate” at St Georges on 10th Dec 1830.
1827 John Greensall was appointed 'Stipendiary Curate” on 10th June 1827 and again on 15th June 1828.
1860 William Jones was Curate of Shareshill 1860-1862.
1860-70 William Henry Havergal, Hon. Canon of Worcester Cathedral, hymn writer and composer, as was his daughter Frances Ridley Havergal.
Reported as being one of the most gifted musicians of his day. From boyhood an organist he was ordained when 23, but met with an accident which crippled him for years.
During that time he found con¬ solation in musical composition; he wrote anthems, services and hymns; he brought about a re-birth of glory in church music. After his death on 19th April 1870, Frances edited and published his work. He composed the tune 'Consecration' to her words 'Take my life and let it be', which she used in her house meetings and which is now adopted as the school hymn. Due to poor health, Rev. Havergal was resident in the parish only spasmodically. He wrote a harvest hymn for Shareshill in 1863 'Our faithful God hash sent us' and on the morning he died he composed the beautiful tune 'Havergal'. In 1866 he recorded that "at the morning service the Vernons were all there. There was good music and singing, the old 'grinder' playing the accompaniment. The congregation had trebled, with the atmosphere cheery and promising". His daughter placed a sheepskin rug in the pulpit for her father's comfort and it remained there for many years.
1867-70 Robert Lonsdale Butcher (d.1908) was curate-in-charge from 1867-70 (Alumni of Emmanuel Cambridge)
1870-97 Robert Butcher appointed vicar in 1870. He was a regular visitor to the new Shareshill school, where he taught religious instruction, and his wife also helped with the teaching,
such as needlework.
1896 Roger Withington Harper is recorded in Crockford's Clerical Directories as Curate of Shareshill
1897-1919 Edwin Russ, M.A. He is remembered in the village as the last of the old-style vicars and a strict disciplin¬ arian. Girls were expected to curtsey and boys to bow or touch their cap when he or his wife passed.
Sunday school was held twice each Sunday in the present school building, and every child was expected to attend and to learn the Collect for the day.
His daughter, Gladys, used to play the organ while village lads pumped.
1919-25 John Cresswell, M.A., of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
1925-57 W. E. Walkerdine. (Alumni of Corpus Christie Cambridge.) A bachelor and the son of a family of builders from Derby, he was a very well-educated gentleman who wrote poetry and books on politics. He well well-known for his method of mounting his bicycle -from the rear - to the amusement of parishioners! He had two daughters, Annie and Isobel, and was very fond of dogs - his dog Pal was buried in the vicarage garden and the stone is now in the churchyard, reference B.1.
He was also a published author: “At Damascus Gate” (1923) and “Some Masterpieces of the Theatre” (1931)
1957-62 E. R. Roe. Another bachelor who had been an Army padre and was known for his dry wit. He moved on to a parish in Stoke-on-Trent.
1962-67 F. Forrest. A very down-to-earth gentleman whose philosophy was that vicars are only transitory and the parish should decide its own policy. He moved on to another parish at Barton-under-Needwood.
1968-79 Edward Downing, who liked to be called Father Downing. He was a Yorkshireman and another bachelor, who came from St. Gregory's in Wednesfield. He left to be assistant-priest to a friend in South Wales, as a semi¬ retirement, and died in 1980.
1980-84 Ronald Whittingham. He was a married vicar with two ' young sons and he left for another parish in Silverdale, Stoke-on-Trent.
1985- Kenneth J. F. Maclean
1996-2009 Pippa Thorneycroft (Priest in Charge of the joint benefice of Shareshill (and Essington from 2007)
2010 Sara Bowie appointed Priest-in-charge
2019 Craig Lee Shaw appointed Priest-in-charge (Jan) then Vicar (July 2019) , then resigned by Nov tp be appointed Chaplain of Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust (Peterborough)

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